Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Matinee - Hunger Games

To get ready for the release of Catching Fire, here is a spoof on the old Hunger Games trailer:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Slow Computers and Fast Agents

It has taken me 25 minutes just to get to the edit screen to write this post.  Why?  Because my little Toshiba netbook is old and unable to keep up with the information superhighway anymore.  It prefers the backroads.  My school laptop (I'm a teacher and my school system has given every teacher and student a laptop) is not loading the post editor page.  Nobody knows why.  Google forums can't figure it out, I can't figure it out, and my IT person can't figure it out.  However, my IT guy has taken this up as a challenge, even to the point where he called me up Friday night to see if it what he did fixed the problem.  So the posts for the past two weeks have been prescheduled posts as I have not been able to get on to do it.

However, that has not stopped me from submitting queries and hearing back from some agents.  With that in mind, I want to suggest an agent for new authors.  It is not that she is specifically requesting new authors that makes me suggest this.  It is that she is fast.  When you get up enough nerve to submit that first query, then the waiting game begins.  Some agents try to get to you within two weeks and some betwee four and six.  I've seen a few that go for up to three months.  Add to that, some do not send a rejection e-mail (I understand why, it ends up taking a huge chunk of the week when you are receiving one hundred plus queries a day, but it is always nice to have that bit of closure).

That's what sets Laura Langlie apart.  I do not know her personally, but I do know that she responds usually in a day with a request for pages or a nicely written rejection e-mail.  Since I have not seen anyone else move so incredibly fast, I felt like I had to share her name out there to all of you other new, aspiring authors.

So keep sending them, guys - and good luck!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Authors on Twitter F - G

More authors on Twitter.  When my librarian sends out a list, she if VERY thorough.  I'll keep posting these every Tuesday until I get to Z.  Again, any information you have on these authors, I would be glad to have you post it in the comment section.  Even if you just post that you follow one of them.

Fallon, Leigh - @Leigh_Fallon
Farley, Terri - @Terri_Farley
Farrell, Courtney - @CAFarrell

Farrell, Peggy @peggyfarrell
Fedel, Sabrina - @writeawhile
Federle, Tim - @TimFederle

Felton, Robert Todd - @rtfelton
Ferriss, Tim - @tferriss
Fields, Jonathan - @jonathanfields

Finley, Joseph - @joseph_finley

Fix, Annette - @AnnetteFix
Flake, Sharon G. - @sharonflake
Fletcher, MJ - @fletch125

Floca, Brian - @BrianFloca
Fogarty, Mignon - @GrammarGirl
Forman, Gayle - @gayleforman

Forster, Miriam - @MiriamForster
Fox, Annie - @Annie_Fox
Francis, Melissa - @MelissaFrancis

Franco, Betsy - @FrancosMom
Frazee, Marla - @MarlaFrazee
Fredericks, Mariah - @MariahFrederick

Frenette, Bethany - @bethanyfrenette
Friend, Sandra - @sandrafriend
Frost, Mark - @mfrost11

Fusco, Kimberly Newton - @kimberlynewtonf
Gabel, Claudia - @claudiagabel
Gagnon, Michelle - @Michelle_Gagnon

Gailing, Stephanie - @butterflyhaikus
Gaiman, Neil - @neilhimself
Gallagher, Kelly - @KellyGToGo

Gallagher, Liz - @lizgallagherliz
Galley, Ben - @BenGalley
Gangsei, Jan - @JanGangsei

Garcia, Kami - @kamigarcia
Gardner-Griffe, LK - @lkgg
Garton Scanlon, Liz - @LGartonScanlon

Garvey, Amy - @amygarvey
Gennari, Jennifer - @JenGenn
Gidwitz, Adam - @AdamGidwitz

Gill, David Macinnis - @thunderchikin
Gillies, Andrea - @AndreaGillies
Gillis, Kellie DuBay - @KDuBayGillis

Gilman, David - @davidgilmanuk
Godin, Seth - @ThisIsSethsBlog
Goeglein, T.M. - @TMGoeglein

Goins, Jeff - @JeffGoins
Golden, Laura - @laurapgolden
Gonzalez, Christina D. - @ChristinaDG

Goo, Maurene - @mauxbot
Gourlay, Candy - @candygourlay
Grabenstein, Chris - @CGrabenstein

Graegin, Stephanie - @Steph_Graegin
Grant, Christopher - @nycsubwaywriter
Grant, Michael - @thefayz

Grasso, Julie - @Jujuberry37
Gratton, Tessa - @tessagratton
Gratz, Alan - @AlanGratz

Gray, Claudia - @claudiagray
Green, John - @realjohngreen & @sportswithjohn
Greer, Andrew Sean - @agreer

Griffin, Adele - @adelegriffin
Griffin, Bethany - @_bethanygriffin
Griffiths, Andy -@AndyGBooks

Grindstaff, Kit - @kitgrindstaff
Gunhus, Jeff - @JTmonsterhunter
Gutman, Dan - @dangutmanbooks

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mythology Monday - Treasure #4

We have always been interested in fast travel. Treasure 4 of the 13 Treasures of Britian is no different.

The Chariot of Morgan the Wealthy (KarMorgan Mwynfawr) - quite simply, wherever you wanted to go, you just thought about it and *poof* you appeared (or at least would be there quickly)

Even today, we are obsessed with going faster, saving time, getting their quicker. I read teh book Around the World in 80 Days not too long ago and was amused at 80 days being a speed record. The record for a boat to circumnavigate the globe is 60 days. Steve Fossett did it by himself in a plane in just 67 hours. By who cares about them? This is Mythology Monday! What about the mythological travel savers?

My favorite for the sheer image of it is the flying carpet of Arabian mythology fame. One Thousand and One Nights was my first encounter with one, but they were in stories long before that. In that book, Prince Housain found an old beat up carpet that was really a flying one. I guess all that wear and tear from flying really can make a carpet look pretty bad.

King Solomon, who has a lot to do with Arabian lore, also had a flying carpet that was sixty miles long and sixty miles wide. Seems to be one heck of a vacuuming ordeal.

The Norse had Slephnir, an eight-legged, super-fast horse that was the unfortunate result of Loki shape changing into a female horse around a horny stallion.

You have Pegasus in Greek mythology that allows Bellerophon to get where he wants to quickly. Unfortunately, Bellerophon began to believe that it was he who was all that and a bag of chips, and when he forced Pegasus to go to Mt. Olympus, Pegasus bumped him off. This earns Pegasus a spot in the stars for being smart and Bellerophon a spot in crippled shame for the rest of his miserable life.

Mandjet is a boat that allows Ra to travel the world each day carrying the sun and looking for dead souls to take to the underworld. Not exactly the best example of fast travel, but it does circle the world in a day.

Magical transportation is not all fun and games, mind you. Just take the time to read this news story (just click the headline):

Man Gets 5 Years for Magical Transportation

I know there are some that I have left out. Leave a comment if you can think of more fast modes of travel.

This treasure has not been found yet in Future King, but they don't need it.  Max takes care of all their travel needs.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quotable Quotes - Part 2

More words of wisdom for new author from other writers:

"Great writing leads constantly into surprises, and the writer should be the first one surprised."   -Bernard Malamud

"Why do writers write?  Because it isn't there."   -Thomas Berger

"I try to leave out the part that people skip."   -Elmore Leonard

"We don't write what we know, we write what we wonder about."   -Richard Peck

"There is no great writing, only great rewriting."   -Justice Brandeis

"There is a great power in words, if you don't hitch too many of them together,"   -Josh Billings

"I think I did pretty well considering I started out with nothing but a bunch of blank paper."   -Steve Martin

"When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand."   -Raymond Chandler

"There are days when the result is so bad that no fewer than five revisions are required.  In contrast, when I'm greatly inspired, only four revisions are needed."   -John Kenneth Galbraith

"It's none of their business that you have to learn to write.  Let them think you were born that way."   -Ernest Hemingway

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Authors on Twitter C - E

Continuing our list of authors on Twitter.  As last time, if you know something about one of these authors or you know one not on the list, post something in the comment section.  I'm posting these with the label New Author, not because these are new or aspiring authors, but because a new or aspiring author could probably learn a little something by following them.

Here we go with C - E:

Cabot, Meg - @megcabot
Cahill, Stephen W. - @Woozlecatcher
Caldwell, Laura - @LauraACaldwell

Calonita, Jen - @JenCalonita
Campbell, Robyn - @authorswrite
Campisi, Stephanie - @readinasitting

Cantor, Jillian - @JillianCantor
Caposey, PJ - @PrincipalPC
Carey, Anna - @AnnaCareyBooks

Carmack, Cora - @CoraCarmack
Carmen, Patrick - @patrickcarman
Carson, Rae - @raecarson

Carter, Ally - @OfficiallyAlly
Carter, Aimee - @aimee_carter
Carter, Vonna - @VonnaCarter

Cary, Maggie - @maggiecary
Cass, Kiera - @kieracass
Cassidy, Kathy - @kathycassidy

Castle, Jennifer - @Jennifer_Castle
Center, Katherine - @katherinecenter
Chari, Sheela - @wordsbysheela

Chen, Justina - @JustinaYChen
Chapman, Elsie - @elsiechapman
Charbonneau, Joelle - @jcharbonneau

Cherry, Alison - @alison_cherry
Cheva, Cherry - @cherrycheva
Champion, Silas - @Silas_Champion

Childs, Tera Lynn - @teralynnchilds
Chima, Cinda Williams - @CindaChima
Chopra, Deepak - @Deepak_Chopra

Cimino, Peter - @PeterCimino7
Clare, Cassie - @cassieclare
Clark, Catherine - @clarkwriter

Clayton, Meg Waite - @megwaiteclayton
Cleave, Chris - @chriscleave
Clifford, Leah - @LeahClifford

Coates, Archie - @ArchieandCyd
Cochrane, Mick - @Mick_Cochrane
Coelho, Paulo - @paulocoelho

Cohen, Marina - @marinacohen
Cohn, Rachel - @rachelcohn
Colasanti, Susane - @susanecolasanti

Colby, Annette - @AnnetteColby
Coley, Liz - @LizColeyBooks
Colfer, Eoin - @eoincolfer

Colman, Michelle - @UrbanBabies
Comm, Joel - @joelcomm
Condie, Ally - @allycondie

Connid, Pat - @PatConnid
Conrad, Lauren - @LaurenConrad
Cooner, Donna - @DonnaCooner

Cooper, Rose - @RoseCooper
Cordell, Matthew - @cordellmatthew
Cotler, Steve - @chessiemack

Cox, Russ - @smilingotis
Creech, Sharon - @ciaobellacreech
Cremer, Andrea - @AndreaCremer

Crossan, Sarah - @SarahCrossan
Crowder, Melanie - @MelanieACrowder
Crowley, Cath - @CathCrowley

Crutcher, Chris - @ChrisCrutcher
Cruz, Elissa - @elissacruz
Culbertson, Kim - @kculbertson

Cullen, Dave - @DaveCullen
Cummings, Lindsay - @lindsaycwrites
Cupala, Holly - @hollycupala

Cypress, Leah - @LeahCypress
Czekaj, Jef - @JefCzekaj
Dale, Jim - @JimnJules

Dale, Katie - @katiedaleuk
Daly, Paula - @pauladalyauthor
Danforth, Emily M. - @emdanforth

Daniels, Harvey - @smokeylit
Dashner, James - @jamesdashner
Davidson, Cathy - @CathyNDavidson

Davidson, Jenny - @triaspirational
Davies, Jocelyn - @jocelyndavies
Davis, Heather - @HeatherDbooks

Davis, Kenneth C. - @kennethcdavis
Day, Karen - @kldaycom
Dealey, Erin - @erindealey

Dean, Thomas - @thomas_dean
de la Pena, Matt - @mattdelapena
Delsol, Wendy - @wendydelsol

Derting, Kimberly - @kimberlyderting
Desperandum, Nil - @Noghar
Dessen, Sarah - @sarahdessen

DeWolfe, Jeannee - @AddYourOwnArt
Deborah Diesen- @debbiediesen
Dixon, Jeff - @DixonOnDisney

Doctorow, Cory - @doctorow
Doktorski, Jen S. - @jdoktorski
Dolby, Tom - @tomdolby

Doller, Trish - @TrishDoller
Dominy, Amy Fellner - @amydominy
Donnelly, Jennifer - @JenWritesBooks

Donnelly, Ruth - @ruth_donnelly

Downey, Maggy @maggydowney
Dragonwagon,Crescent -@cdragonwagon
Draper, Sharon - @sharonmdraper

Driza, Debra - @DebraDriza
Drummond, Ree - @thepioneerwoman
Dutton, JT - @jtdutton

Dyckman, Ame -@amedyckman
Edwards, Eve - @_Eve_Edwards
Ehrenhaft, Daniel - @danielehrenhaft

Einfeld, C.S. - @AuthorCSEinfeld
Eldredge, Jan - @JanEldredge
Elzey, David - @delzey

Emerson, Kevin - @kcemerson
Ephron, Delia - @DeliaEphron

Monday, September 9, 2013

Horn of Bran the What????

O.K, this next treasure of Britain just sounds weird -

The Horn of Bran Galed the Stingy. Bran has a very unfortunate title because none of the old texts call him "The Stingy." Instead they use another word for him. A word with Old English origin that sounds very much like a racial slur today, but has absolutely no racial connection other than the sound. Pull up Google and type in "Bran Galed the" and see what pops up.

A teacher from North Carolina (not me, a different one) taught this word and because of the way it sounds, she had to promise to never teach the word again, attend sensitivity training, write a letter of apology to the parents of her students, and have a letter of reprimand put in her personnel file. The school counselors were brought into the classroom to help the students deal with a traumatic event. There are only three other times I have ever heard the word used. It was used by a politician several years ago (I forget for which U.S. state) who used it in reference to tax cuts. He was not elected. It is also used in Macbeth and in Beowulf (which is probably why it still exists in our language).

Back to the treasure. Whatever drink you wish for, it is in there. You want ale? Got it. You want wine? Got it. Heck, it even has Tab, which is pretty hard to get nowadays. Of course, why in the world you would want unlimited Tab, I don't know.

Hercules even had the horn for a little while. According to some authors, Hercules took the horn from the head of a centaur. The wife of the centaur soaked a shirt in her husband's blood and gave it Hercules. When he put it on, he was burned to death (more like acid burn, not fire). I've heard this story before, but it was always Hercule's wife who gave him the shirt, being under the impression that the blood would keep him faithful to her while he was away in battle.

Either way, the message is clear - centaur blood = bad Warn your kids! Plus, you should probably just call this the Horn of Bran Galed and leave off his title.

And now that I have successfully warned you of the dangers of such, I'll see you later!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Query Shark - Part 2

Earlier this week I told you about Query Shark.  I can't express enough what a valuable resource this is.  reading through her posts will really open your eyes to what a query letter needs to have.   She doesn't just give you a list of things to have, she shows by taking other people's letters what they did right and what they did wrong.  It is a great honor to have the Shark choose your letter to shred.

Here is my first attempt at a query letter before I found Query Shark:

King Arthur is known as the once and future king, returning when we need him most. Now, with Morgana le Fay amassing the 13 treasures of Britain, the fates have returned him to fight for our survival. The only problem is…no one told him who he was.

Zane Anderson was experiencing an average day. His dad woke him up by scaring him to death, his brother made him walk two miles to get a ride home from school, and a bully decided to make him his personal punching bag. Nothing out of the ordinary -- until he is approached by the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. A beautiful woman that gives him a strange scroll with a message that might change his life forever, if he could only read it. Follow this up with a strange kid named Max, a giant beaver, several very mean dogs, burpees, elephant poop, and a mysterious cell phone and you have one of the most unusual Arthurian tales ever. Zane will have to figure out what his part in all of this is while still trying to survive the seventh grade. Shouldn’t be too hard.

I'm a school teacher and instructor at Duke Young Writer's Camp.  Future King is my first novel.  Thank you for your consideration,

Now here is my letter after reading the Query Shark:

Zane Anderson just wants to finish his first year of high school alive.

There are two major obstacles in his way. The first is the biggest bully in ninth grade history. The second is the fact that he may be the reincarnation of King Arthur.

This possibility doesn't mean he gets magical powers or super fighting skills. It does mean that there are people trying to kill him and very hard training sessions. And if he is the one, he'll have to save the world from the sorceress Morgana le Fay. 

Why is Morgana amassing the 13 Treasures of Britain? No one is certain, but it must be evil if it warrants the return of Arthur. More important to Zane, she is killing all the potential Arthurs that get in her way. 

Zane will have to contend with a giant beaver, mean faerie dogs, elephant poop, a weird kid who lives through time backwards, and one very ill-conceived field trip to the Other World. If he survives those, then maybe he'll find out if he is the Future King. 

Or he could just back out of all of this and go back to living a normal life. After all, why risk his life when he is the least likely Arthur candidate? How could he be the legendary king if he can't even handle a ninth grade bully? 

ZANE ANDERSON: FUTURE KING is a 76,541 word Young Adult novel. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Anyone else there sending out query letters?  If so, post yours in the comment section.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Authors on Twitter A-B

My school librarian sent out a list recently of authors on Twitter.  I figure that if you are following this blog, you may be interested in this.  I'm not big into Twitter, but I think I might start following some of these.

If you know an author I missed (within the alphabet I'm posting, that is), post their Twitter into the reply.  If you recognize an author, post something about them (type of work they write, where they are from, etc.) in the comment section as well.

Here are authors with last name from A to B:

Abell, Tracy - @TracyAbell
Adamson, Bonnie - @BonnieAdamson
Adler, Warren - @warrenadler

Aertker, Paul - @PaulAertker
Algeo, Matthew - @malgeo
Alko, Selina - @SelinaAlko

Alexander, William - @williealex
Alexi, Sherman - @Sherman_Alexie
Albee, Sarah - @sarahalbee

Allan, Christa - @ChristaAllan
Allen, David - @gtdguy
Allen, Scott - @ScottAllen

Alter, Anna - @AnnaAlter
Anderson, Chris - @chr1sa
Anderson, Gary - @AndersonGL

Anderson, Jeff - @writeguyjeff
Anderson, John David - @anderson_author
Anderson, Laurie Halse - @halseanderson

Anderson, R. J. - @rj_anderson
Angelini, Josephine - @josieangelini
Angleberger, Tom - @origamiyoda

Applebaum, Susannah - @s_applebaum
Applegate, Katherine - @kaaauthor
Appleget, Mary - @teachtothebrain

Archer, Jennifer - @jenniferarcher1
Armstrong, Kelley - @KelleyArmstrong
Arnold, Elana K. - @ElanaKArnold

Aronson, Sarah - @sarah_aronson
Asher, Jay - @JayAsherguy
Ashton, Brodi - @Brodiashton

Atwood, Margaret - @MargaretAtwood
Auseon, Andrew - @andrewauseon
Avasthi, Swati - @SwatiAvasthi

Ayarbe, Heidi Marie - @heidiayarbe
Babauta, Leo - @zen_habits
Bach, David - @AuthorDavidBach

Bachmann, Stefan - @Stefan_Bachmann
Bacigalupi, Paolo - @paolobacigalupi
Backes, M. Molly - @mollybackes

Baer, Marianna - @mariannabaer
Bahm, Natalie - @NatalieBahm
Bain, David - @davidbainaa

Balliett, Blue - @BlueBalliett
Balog, Cyn - @cynbalog
Bardugo, Leigh - @LBardugo

Barker, Clive - @RealCliveBarker
Barnes, Mark - @markbarnes19
Barnholdt, Lauren - @LaurenBarnholdt

Barry, Tom - @tombarry100
Barzak, Christopher - @Cbarzak
Bauer, Marion Jane - @mdanebauer

Bayless, Phillipa - @PippaBayliss
Beah, Ishmael - @IshmaelBeah
Beal, Andy - @andybeal

Beers, Kylene - @KyleneBeers
Bell, Hilari - @hilaribell
Bennett, Artie - @ArtieBennett

Benoit, Charles - @BenoitTheWriter
Berger, Carin - @CarinBerger
Berk, Josh - @joshberkbooks

Bernstein, Richard - @R_Bernstein
Berryhill, Shane - @ShaneBerryhill
Bingham, Kelly - @Kellybingham1

Bird, Betsy - @FuseEight
Birdsall, Jeanne - @JeanneBirdsall
Black, Holly - @hollyblack

Blackall, Sophie - @SophieBlackall
Blackwell, Elise - @EliseBlackwell
Blakemore, Erin - @heroinebook

Blakemore, Megan F. - @meganbfrazer
Blixt, David - @David_Blixt
Block, Francesca Lia - @francescablock

Blom, Jen K. - @jenKblom
Blume, Judy - @judyblume
Blume, Lesley M. M. - @lesleymmblume

Bly, Karen - @KarenBlyToo
Bolton, Kathleen - @KathleenBolton
Booream, Ellen - @EllenBooream

Bornstein, Kate - @katebornstein
Borst, Amie - @AmieBorst
Bosch, Roser - @Roser_Bosch

Bostwick, Marie - @mariebostwick
Boudreau, Helene - @HeleneBoudreau
Bowen, Brenda - @bbowen949

Bowman, Erin - @erin_bowman
Boyle, Bob - @boylebob
Boyne, John - @john_boyne

Bramsen, Carin - @carinbramsen
Brande, Robin - @RobinBrande
Brashares, Ann - @AnnBrashares

Brassell, Danny - @DannyBrassell
Bray, Libba - @LibbaBray
Brennan, Sarah Rees - @sarahreesbrenna

Breznak, Irene - @ibreznak
Brian, Kate - @Kate_Brian
Brockenbrough, Martha - @mbrockenbrough

Brody, Jessica - @JessicaBrody
Brown, Andi - @andibrownauthor
Brown, Anne Greenwood - @AnneGBrown

Brown, Jennifer - @JenniferBrownYA
Brown, Susan Taylor - @susanwrites
Bruce, Tammy - @HeyTammyBruce

Buckley, Michael - @michaelwbuckley
Burg, Shana - @ShanaBurgWrites
Burgess, Dave - @daveburgess

Burks, James - @jamesburksart
Burtenshaw, Jenna - @JennaBurtenshaw
Butler, Dori - @dhbutler

Monday, September 2, 2013

Rejection part 2

Oh well.

To paraphrase Dory from Finding Nemo, just keep submitting, just keep submitting...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Query Shark - part 1

What does this picture of swimming with a shark have to do with getting a book published?

Well, nothing, really, but it does tie in indirectly to the process.  I want to get published, so I've been doing my research.  A friend of mine got published recently with a local history book, so he went the route of self publishing.  Small market, local area, probably the right choice.  Future King, however, is young adult and I would like to get it nation-wide.  So it seems that self publishing is probably not the best option.  Which means I need a publisher.

The book 78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published says that if you seek out a publisher by contacting them directly, you're going to end up in the slush pile.  The slush pile is not a great place to be.  Chances of your manuscript making it out of the slush is very slim.  So how do you avoid the publisher slush pile?  Agents.

So my decision was to find an agent to represent me and (hopefully) take me to literary greatness.  I sat down and typed out what I thought was a pretty good query letter.  The only problem is that I don't know what a successful query letter looks like.  Plus, since I am not an agent, how do I know what they are looking for and what will set mine apart from everyone else's?  That's when Fate smiled upon me and directed my web surfing to Query Shark (  Thus the shark image above (see, there was a reason after all).

Agent Janet Reid hosts this blog where people can submit their query letter for her to tear apart and tell them all the things they went wrong.  What an invaluable service and she does this all for free.  Now, submitting a query to the Query Shark doesn't guarentee that she'll post your and tear it apart, but you have the chance.  A resource almost as valuable as getting the Shark to rip yours to shreds is reading all of the other ones.  In fact, to submit your letter to her, you must make a promise that you have indeed read all of the letters and their revisions before adding your own to the mix.  I did this.  It took days.  As I did it, I went back over mine and kept rewording it until I was done reading.  If you are about ready to submit, you NEED to visit this site. 

A few things I learned from her blog is to start with the book tease.  Don't waste time with an introduction about you and book background.  Start with the main character.  Be brief.  Keep your sentences to one breath if read out loud.  Limit the letter to 250 words.

There are more lessons I learned from her, but I suggest that you take the time to read the blog entries yourself.  I submitted my letter to her and maybe it will appear on her site, but it probably won't.  As she makes very clear, you have a greater chance of getting an agent to ask for more of yoru story than you do getting her to post your query, but it is worth a shot.

How about you?  Anyone else familiar with the blog?  Any Query stories of your own?

By the way, the picture at the top is a bit of a lie.  That is a dolphin, not a shark.  But it still looks cool.